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Bee Zoom with Wilma!

The Just Sew Bee (affectionately called JSB) meets about twice a month. One is on Zoom since we are a tri-state bee (AZ/FL/MD), and one is in-person. I like to share here in this space experiences we do on Bonus Bee Days (the 5th Wednesday of a month), which may not include only fabric acquisition but perhaps a cool dining place as well. We've got one in the works for the next 5th Wednesday; I just can't remember where!

Today, though, we Zoomed in from all three states. We talk and sew like we do in person, and I love it when the AZ/FL ladies join us, too. No one has to leave their house, and believe it or not, the sewing machines do not bother us a bit, even if running and not muted. I think we are all used to the soothing sounds of each machine, and everyone knows each machine's special buzz.

And then...without warning, Deb Hoppe's precocious cat, Wilma, joined us like she does when in person at Deb's house. She must have loved the sound of our voices as she sat down right in front of the camera and stayed for a spell. Two nights ago, on another call with Deb, Wilma shut the computer down. Who knew cats like to Zoom, too? I'll mention that Wilma is fond of me, perhaps only from the standpoint of the bags I bring that are stuffed with fabrics or my project(s). On several occasions at Deb's, Wilma does not hesitate to get into my bag(s) to check everything out. I guess it all passes muster since she's never complained, and only hangs around them a bit longer.

Wilma IS the Wonder(full) Cat! #CatsCrazyforQuilters!



Can you find Wilma? Second row, second photo under "Hopster."


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