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Beaver Creek Bear

This true story was recently told to me by a friend. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. It's a two-part blog post with the conclusion set for tomorrow.

While talking to a friend about a golf trip she and her husband took in Colorful Colorado a few years ago, she told me some details about the home they stayed in and “The Bear of Beaver Creek.”

My friend, whom I’ll call Patty, and her husband, traveled with three other couples for a golf vacation at another friend’s beautiful mountain home. West of Vail, Beaver Creek is known for its mountain resorts with a plethora of ski runs and cross-country skiing. The enormous, gorgeous home the guests descended on sat facing the mountain range with stunning views for miles.

The hostess of the home welcomed her guests with open arms, along with her smart-as-a-whip white Maltese. According to Patty, the whole house was well-appointed, with a slew of guest rooms on the lower level of the home. Each couple had a bedroom with an ensuite bath.

A week before her guests arrived, the hostess hired painters for a quick tidy to refresh the paint in the lower bedrooms. When the painters left on their last day with the final coat, one left a window open slightly, about six inches, for the fresh mountain air to come in and replace “paint smell air.”

To Be Continued

photo credit: unsplash


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