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Aziza's Army Luncheon

It is not often we can get our group of cancer-fighting moms together for lunch, but a cold February Sunday seemed the day most of us could meet. A couple of us had a conflict, but we were ten strong to dine on Indian/Pakistani food.

In my book, The Focused Fight, I mentioned, "if you think soccer moms are a force to be reckoned with, what do you think of a passionately built circle of cancer-fighting moms? We are all fortresses of love, courage, and fortitude. We are like sisters, and our group has been affectionately named: Aziza's Army. Some of us have started foundations, and others have either worked or donated their time or money to many endeavors on the Childhood Cancer front and other afflictions. And do you know what the most beautiful thing about us is? It's the long-lasting friendships that have endured for over 25 years. Anyone who puts out a call for help, we will come running."

So, on a cold winter day, we met to catch up with each other's lives. It's a solid testament to Dr. Aziza Shad and the loving circle of caring women she established with us years ago. It's always an honor to be with these distinguished women - caring for their families and the world at large every single day with no complaints.

A huge SHOUT of THANKS to Aziza for getting us together and for our delicious lunch!



L-R: Danielle Cook, Sister Pat, Karil Billings, Marilyn Eichner, Julie Broas, Terri, Donna Shank, Aziza Shad, Allison Soussi-Tanini and Michelle Pappas


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