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An Ode to O & Bo!

As I unpack the last week of lifetime memories and catch up with sleep and rest (I can honestly say I am happily exhausted), I want to capture the thrill and bask in the glory of a perfect June wedding reception day! Those who have gone before me, you know that prideful feeling. Those coming behind, I hope you are inspired by upcoming weddings and gatherings with your own families.

We all know speeches are a part of the wedding tradition - and for good reason. I think they are the glue to hold everyone together for that small moment in time gathered in one place to celebrate a happy couple and maybe learn a few things about the couple as the speeches unfold.

""They" say behind every great man is a great woman." This one is old-fashioned and can be construed as a bit demeaning when the words and meanings are broken down and studied. Let me add - no one said this.

A more modern saying is: "Behind every successful man is a woman, and behind every successful woman is a best friend's untiring efforts and support." I like this one…but…no one said this either.

However, I'd like to shout from the rooftops about the millions of successful women around the globe, whether they have a man/significant other behind them or not - and no sayings yet - that I'm fancying about changing the narratives of both! Ha!

Before I share the Ode to O at her wedding reception on Saturday, June 10, 2023, the two fathers' speeches were spectacular! Hubby Bill knocked it out of the park, and I am proud of all the efforts he put into writing and practicing his remarkable and poignant speech for our only daughter - all while keeping it tight on time (6 minutes or so!). Bob, the groom's dad, also gave a quick heartfelt speech (he's a great speaker!).

But it was Liz Verrecchia's Matron of Honor Ode to Olivia & Bo, which was delightful and touching, that captured O and Bo's love story in a rhyming poem. When Liz married her handsome groom, Stephens, in 2019, it was her now 104-year-old Grandma Dorothy that wrote an ode to them that was equally touching. Grandma Dorothy so inspired Liz that Liz wanted to continue the tradition with the new bride and groom:

Grandma Dorothy wouldn't want it any other way So in her place, I must think, what would she say?

Our sweet Olivia, ever so kind A suitor for her was always on our mind

Soon enough, we shouted hooray, hooray When Olivia exclaimed, I have a date today!

We sat around, an anxious bunch Waiting to hear, what was her hunch?

Cheerfully and grinning ear to ear She let us know; Bo was top tier

We met Bo, and all agreed Love forever was guaranteed

Wedding bells, we wondered when *Bo, hurry up, we coughed aahhhhem

Tonight we celebrate this extraordinary love. From all over the country and with our special ones up above

Happily married, man and wife We wish for you the happiest life

This ode has finished, written with pride Now stand up and kiss your bride




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