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A Take Me Home Country Road Wedding!

If you guessed the wedding of Ms. Erika Fregger, who grew up in Crofton, Maryland, about seven doors up from us, was in Lewisburg (Greenbrier Valley area), West Virginia; pat yourself on the back! I was happy to celebrate this awesome autumn wedding weekend with Georgia Moritz and the Fregger family and friends in God's country - almost heaven... if you will. A nod to John Denver, of course!

The handsome groom, Grant, and baby Jackson (a little over a year old) were the icing on the cake for this young family's marital commitment to a bright future ahead.

This weekend, I witnessed the love and joy cursing through the veins and the mile-wide smiles of both families throughout the weekend. Love is in the air here in West Virginia!

In between wedding festivities, my morning routine of walking/running led me to The Greenbrier — America’s Resort —to hike the Valley View Trail on campus and frolic through the artist colony shops and the lobbies at the Greenbrier Hotel once done. Talented West Virginia artisans are well-represented in this area - an excellent add-on feature to my visit I didn't expect. The hike was in and around a couple of the resort’s golf courses, with trout streams and horse and buggy rides thrown in the mix of this beautiful location in the country.

The popular (in the 1980s) Billy Idol’s iconic song kept looping around in my mind, It’s a nice day for a white wedding, it’s a nice day to start again. A fitting tribute for a wonderful day!

Best wishes to the Happy Couple!



The photos below show the wedding with Erika, Grant, and Jackson, with MOB, Georgia, and one with Erika too!



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