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A Case of Good & Plenty!

And that's not all I got from my Secret Sewing Sister (SSS) Debbi Carter over this past weekend's Soco Quilt Retreat on the West River. Years ago, we used to do a brown bag gift exchange similar to a Yankee Swap. Then one year, we decided to mix it up and do an exchange geared toward an individual - and the secret sewing sister idea was born.

When signing up for the retreat, if interested in the SSS, your name goes into a "hat," and item ideas like favorite colors, fav snacks, and the like are expressed and uploaded for the swap. It has worked beautifully for several years running now.

Sew, the other items that stealthily landed on my sewing machine before the big reveal on who had who included a large bottle of unsweetened iced tea, 10 Bonne Bell Lipsmackers, a set of fuchsia-colored fat quarters, a writing journal book called: Burned After Writing, and of course, 14 boxes of Good & Plenty (Debbi had given one to another fan of G &P at the retreat, and the one she had initially placed on my sewing machine at the start of the retreat on Friday).

I was the SSS to Cappy Phillips! She loves lime green, sew I tried to get items that she would like and use. How does (3) yards of huge lime green rick-rack sound? She loved it, as well as cheese doodles, a small pair of scissors, M&M's and Reece's, and beautiful batik fabrics in her favorite colors.

I was tickled at all the clever tools, fabrics, and fun foods given to all the SSS from their SSS.



PS the pins seen in the photo below were from Cappy! Thanks to her and Debbi Carter!


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