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Where Are You an Outlier?

Malcolm Gladwell is an expert on outliers and has written at least one book on the topic. If you've read his books, you may know what I write here today.

While drinking my tea and Bill his coffee, with Ryan taking in the slow Saturday morning with us, Bill mentioned that as he read his news for the day, the average American eats 28 lbs. of bananas.

I replied, "I am not your average." (No kidding - and not because I can't eat a banana!) I am truly an outlier on eating a banana since I've never eaten one!

Try as I might, I just can not eat a banana, though I've tried many times. My kids asked me if it was the texture, and I don't know. I can peel one with the best banana peelers but cannot take that first bite. More times than I can count, I've had to politely decline this delicious (from what I've been told) and full-of-potassium-fourth-most-popular-fruit on Earth, much to my chagrin and a sort of defeat by my shaking head.

I would like to, and want to, eat one—my body/mouth won't let me. Most would probably know this feeling of trying to down a portion of liver and onions.

Now...if you have a bowl of strawberries on the table, I could eat the whole thing.



Photo credit: Unsplash (we didn't have any in the house today to take a quick pic).


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