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What's in Your Cooler?

Probably not a 60 lb. black lab, amiright?

The Summer Solstice is in a few days, but I'm already taking in my favorite time of year: SUMMER! I usually like to keep that summer feeling all year long, even on the coldest days. I haven't been to the pool yet to swim summer laps, but I will soon. I'm hoping the pool is warming up for all to enjoy!

But Disco, the Granddog, is already in action for summer. She is something else and loves to climb on top of things; sofas, chairs, anything of height - as in 2" off the ground - you can bet she is on it or trying to scale it. So when "The Best Daughter" was cleaning up from the weekend, she turned around after drying out the cooler; and there was Disco, checking out the contents inside it - none!

May your cooler be filled with fun in the sun of Summer - maybe a surprise of a curious puppy dog too!




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