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War on Weeds!

Due to two major surgeries early last year, my family would not let me do my usual gardening and mowing the grass until my body was healed for at least six months. Looking back today, that was a good idea, and I healed properly with no issues.

This year is different. Since I enter and exit my front door more than the garage door, I notice all the weeds popping up in all the flower beds surrounding the house. I don't like them one bit! Who does? Why don't beautiful spring flowers pop up and bloom over the pesky weeds like dandelions, speedwell, chickweed, henbit, wild garlic and onions, bittercress, clover, black medic, and knotweed? I think I have them all in my yard somewhere, but hopefully not for much longer.

Of course, a weed is an unwanted plant in the wrong place. Too many for my liking—ever. As I worked on sewing and quilting most of the day, my mind kept wandering back to the outdoors and those gosh darn weeds, especially those where I noticed them the most. I kept telling myself that I had to take a much-needed break before dinner. I had to get my hands in the dirt and rid two beds of overgrown weeds that did not get done last year.

I was out there to manufacture sunshine by getting the proper sunlight to the planted perennials and waiting for their time to shine and bloom. Knock-out Roses, anyone? Those bushes had to be cut back, and they went wild with all the rain in the last several weeks.

I'm looking forward to a "head start" on culling the weeds this spring. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I can hold my head high as I leave the house and come back with fewer weeds in the beds for now.



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