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Update on Brainstorm Road - Starts March 3rd!


What does that word conjure up for you? Maybe your grandmother's china, or a quilt from the turn of the 20th century, or a coin or stamp collection? What about a book written by a great-grandparent or a poem by your aunt, uncle, or parent that's been handed down through the generations? How about a musical instrument, along with written music?

If you have any of the above items, that is a blessing for sure, and hopefully, the items can be passed down to your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews. Nice legacy, right?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the new platform Brainstorm Road, kind of like Writing in Community (WIC). Without repeating that, hubby Bill had already written some copy about what this new six-month program is about coming up soon (you are not late in signing up!).

This may be a great opportunity to work on a legacy piece with some accountability; just saying, and all for $162 or six months! Think of it like this, The average cost of college tuition per credit hour is $456. Community colleges charge the least at just under $120 per credit hour. This session is a bargain!

What is Brainstorm Road?

It is exciting to hear of the introduction of the Brainstorm Road initiative that is coming in March 2023, led by Kristin Hatcher (Founder of Writing in Community) and Margo Aaron, with the support of Seth Godin. Please click here to watch the video:

Brainstorm Road is a new “community of practice” available after the current WIC session ends. Akimbo is not going forward with the WIC initiative, and Brainstorm Road appears to be an exciting new initiative! Bill and I were excited to see the recent update and the introduction to the concept on the website. Here are the FAQ's:

The idea of Brainstorm Road is to bring together a community of people interested in “leveling up” (as Seth would encourage) to ship their work to the world. Beyond the current mission of writing in community, BSR is adopting a more expanded approach to help those who have a creative dream and would like support to hit a “finish line” with a plan they might be holding inside them. The introduction website notes:

“It’s not online learning. It’s online practice.”

“Finish your novel, launch your podcast, publish your website”

“Brainstorm Road is a community of practice organized around a weekly shipping commitment.”

Hubby Bill and I are joining the community and are excited to hear about the dreams that participants plan to accomplish. WIC profoundly changed us– our writing adventure has taken many paths over the last 2 and 1/2 years – and we look forward to continuing to be inspired by others, helping others, and creating work that we might not even realize yet!

This program can be the start of an exciting new adventure for you and for a future legacy piece or whatever your heart desires!

If interested, here is the link (Paywall) to sign up:



Like Disco below, dive right in!



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