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Tracy's Kids 25th Anniversary!

Ryan likes to say that video games (and I say lots of medicine and more!) saved his life. I'd like to say that being creative and doing art and watching Olivia and Ryan do Art Therapy at Georgetown University Hospital with Tracy Councill of Tracy's Kids saved me.

Tonight was a special night celebrating with Tracy and Matt Gerson, Founder of Tracy's Kids in 1998, along with several members of the US Congress, several families whom Tracy helped through the years, and friends of Tracy near and far.

The 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Tracy Councill, and as her plaque says, she is a true GOAT - a Giant in the World of Art Therapy. Cancer kids and their siblings never wanted to leave the clinic when a juicy project was being created - and that included my kids, too. Matt Gerson pointed out he has heard that same thing over and over about not wanting to leave the clinic because, despite all the "bad" chemo cursing through the veins, no one still wanted to leave the clinic. Luckily, my crew was able to stay a wee bit longer on some of those long days of transfusions because of the paralyzing DC traffic to get back home to Crofton, Maryland. Even today, I proudly display some of their prized projects all these years later. Now, that is saying something about the amazing program that was developed to serve over 100,000 kids in six hospitals.

In addition to Tracy's award, Senator Amy Klobuchar received the 2023 Courage Award. This prestigious award is presented to a public person who, in their actions, honors the strength, dignity, and perseverance of cancer patients and their families. Ms. Klobuchar is also a breast cancer survivor - diagnosed in February of 2021 - and understands what it takes to take on the fight of any type of cancer.

Hubby Bill, Ryan, and I had a great evening celebrating with Tracy and our cancer-fighting parents and kids (all grown up now!), along with Sister Pat and Dr. Aziza Shad, who worked closely with Tracy at Georgetown for many years.

Congratulations to Tracy Councill! She deserved all the accolades showered on her this evening!



Photos from the evening: 1) Welcome to NCTA (National Cable and Television Association), which hosted the event in Washington, DC; 2) Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen with Tracy and Matt Gerson; 3) Tracy's Award; 4) Tracy and me in a warm embrace; 5) Ryan and Matt Gerson; 6) Ryan and I with Guest of Honor; 7) Ryan, Sister Pat, Greg Lubin and Dr. Shad; 8) Senator Klobachur; 9) Patty and Greg Lubin with Tracy; 10) me and Bill; 11) Ryan, Patty, Sister Pat, Greg and me; 12) Many of the kids/siblings under Tracy's programs through 25 years!



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