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Tracy Council and the DAR's Mary Smith Lockwood Award!

*Last Friday, I posted about Tracy Council and Tracy's Kids Art Therapy program. Today I felt that I needed to give it closure with the event held last night and her prestigious award. In the program, three people were thanked by the committee, including me, who wrote letters this past summer to the DAR on behalf of the Art Therapy and work Tracy has done for over 30 years helping cancer kids and their families in crisis.

Resident vs. Tourist at the DAR with Tracy Council and her Mary Smith Lockwood Award!

Why can we live in a desirable location but never tour it like a tourist? Living in the WDC/Baltimore/Annapolis area for over 26 years, I have to say that we've done quite well in visiting many tourist spots and then some, but certainly not all. We've never entered the doors of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) that's located practically next door to the White House and the Ellipse, though we have cycled, walked, and ran by it many times. A stunning view of the Washington Monument is steps away from the front of the building.

That's why I was so giddy about the recently received invitation to the DAR's headquarters in WDC. It was the perfect opportunity to visit this iconic building (after hours) without lines and lots of people. By the way, there is no need to receive an invitation to enter; it's free and open to the public (almost) all year long. "Our" illustrious art therapist, who started her career at Georgetown University Hospital in 1991, and friend, Tracy Council, was awarded the prestigious Mary Smith Lockwood for Education last night. I am/we are thrilled that this award was bestowed on Tracy, who has selflessly worked her art "magic" with thousands of sick children and their families for over 30 years. Her distinguished program, Tracy's Kids, founded by Matt Gerson, now serves families in eight locations across the USA, including several in the DC/Baltimore Metro area.

Luckily, Bill, Ryan, and I arrived downtown early and got an on-street parking spot outside of the DAR entrance. We took the opportunity to walk around the building a bit until Tracy pulled up in her Lift. Since it was a great evening that was unfolding, weather-wise, along with the event, we grabbed a few photo ops with her on the steps of the DAR. Upon entering the building, Tracy met up with the hostesses, and the three of us were told to take a look around the building. We did, gleefully!

As we sauntered down the hallways on two floors of the Administration Building, we found the most intriguing part of the building, or at least to me, The Library! I could have made myself quite comfortable in it for a few hours. The DAR Library collection contains over 225,000 books, a plethora of research files, manuscripts, and special collections of women's history, genealogy, and culture. I need to go back; I need to see the DAR Museum and the collection of artifacts-including quilts! There are treasures to uncover, is my thinking.

By 6:00 PM, the intimate gathering in the President General's Assembly Room got underway. Chapter and State Regents welcomed those in attendance, with the President General, Mrs. Pamela Wright, presenting Tracy with her award. It was a poignant moment and a worthy tribute to a humble woman who went from a bucket of crayons and a pad of paper three decades ago to the established and thriving art therapy program that it is today.

With the help of many art therapists near and far in the Tracy's Kids Program, Tracy and crew manufacture sunshine daily by serving eight clinics with over 5000 families in crisis during the most difficult and challenging times of their lives.

The Mary Smith Lockwood Award in Education couldn't have gone to a more deserving recipient.

Congratulations to Tracy Council; she is a Rock Star!!!



The photos below contain Tracy and President General Pamela Wright, the program, my family with Tracy outside of the DAR, and the Moms of cancer kids who were treated at Georgetown University Hospital - Marilyn Eichner and Patty Lubin.

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