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Tote Bag Brigade

The quilt retreat committee (Deb Hoppe and Debbi Carter) named the 2024 retreat - Stashbusters! Using your scraps to make blocks and other items this weekend was the rallying cry!

Yesterday, the mystery table runner and the mystery Japanese bag began, along with yours truly helping those interested in learning the fun and easy technique of the Little Tote bag, or AKA The (2) Fat Quarter Bag. I've made hundreds of them through the years, and so far this year, I've made close to 20. On retreat, I always try to make several, and for this retreat, I offered to demo how to make them to the other retreaters. Some had made them previously with me while on retreat, with some learning the techniques for the first time. My favorite thing was seeing the skills being enhanced before my eyes by either learning a technique or using functions on their sewing machines they'd never used before.

With everything going on with visitors from the other sewing/quilting group on campus, sewists working on their own projects, and those who wanted to finish their started totes, bag construction mania spilled over to today. New skills learned included using the satin stitch machine function to finish their bag straps and boxing the corners for the bag's stability. They are like potato chips, you can't eat (or make) just one!

We did our best with the group photo with the new tote bags and their sewists (we are missing a few).

Other photos include the mystery table runner, the secret sewing sister reveal, and latecomers finishing their bags late into the night.

We all did our best, and it's pretty doggone great!

Thanks, Jacque for all my goodies!




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