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The Void Project - with Kira Higgs

Today is my 400th post from my newish blog, Manufacturing Sunshine. I really couldn't have done it without the support of readers near and far who read my posts almost daily (some never miss - you know who you are, and I appreciate it very much).

Sew, I'd like to introduce this 400th post with my friend and writing colleague, Kira Higgs, hostess of her 10-part series podcast entitled: The Void Project. Kira will be highlighted in a #CelebratingOthers post later (the interview is done). Still, until then, I am so excited to introduce you to her, a woman who knows and seeks out how to weed out tangible and intangible stuff, along with her guests.

The thing is, who doesn't want to learn from others' experiences of keeping or giving away stuff accumulated for years to free the mind? Getting rid of stuff leads to a cleaner, lighter life, a running theme for many. The several guests I've listened to all respond best with a neat and clutterless nest, which makes a clean and clear mind to do other creative endeavors instead of the humdrum accumulation of things we don't need.

This podcast is awesome and way more than getting someone excited about cleaning out the garage or organizing a closet.

From Kira's podcast introduction, she is a strategist, structural consultant, mediator, and cyclist. Kira started a personal project a couple of years ago labeled, The Void Project. The little tasks she laid out for herself produced insights galore – about stuff and about how what we keep in our midst can enhance or detract from our lives.

Kira dives in with her guests about stuff you buy, find, or accept as a gift or inherit, and it all builds up and up and up over time. Find out with others have done to eliminate this friction.

If you are interested in Kira's experiences, along with many of her guests on how they handle personal stuff, please tune in to hear one or ten episodes of The Void Project wherever you listen to podcasts.

We subscribe to Spotify, and when I plugged in The Void Project in the search, it came right up! Easy peasy.





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