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Thanksgiving and Musings!

As Americans approach the long weekend with Thanksgiving at the cornerpiece, I’m filled with gratitude for many good things in my life, first and foremost, a healthy family. The close second is our daughter Olivia’s recent engagement to Bo Hudson. That is not too shabby. At. All.

In The Focused Fight, I broach that the holidays land on any day for us, certainly not finite. The same goes for the one happening tomorrow. But not for us. Our family can “only” gather and celebrate on Friday for many reasons, too many to mention. I get it. Not many folks go with the punches, but we do, and gladly! So Friday will be our day to celebrate, not necessarily with turkey and all the fixins. I’m thinking of pizza or Chinese take-out, and I’ll make a large pot of soup for anyone with the grumblings.

Here is my musing from yesterday's page-a-day calendar:

I fit in nicely with all those curiosity cats! And, if it wasn’t for my mom, who would be 91 today (RIP), taking me to a small local Cleveland, Ohio, library to meet a librarian that “saved me” - Mrs. Marquart, I’m not sure where I could have taken all my continuous probing questions. My mom certainly could not answer hardly anything I asked her and got exasperated with me to no end with the plethora of queries I threw at her daily.

It’s the little things…like Mrs. Marquart, the Librarian, and my mom, who found me someone who could help her super curious kid, is who I’m thinking about today and during this month of Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating whatever that day is for you and your loved ones!

Oh, and safe travels to all those who will be in the air or on the highways and byways to get to cozy places for a gathering. You know, "over the river and through the woods."

Gobble Gobble!



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