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T-1 Day

I'm packed. My guys are packed. We are doing the last load of laundry with several things to do in the morning before we bug out.

Instead of driving over to Annapolis tomorrow morning, we "cheated" and did it today. Okay, it may be a bit cheesy, but I don't care. It's what makes the trip more personal and interesting. It was a beautiful morning to be in downtown Annapolis with all the yachts and sailboats on the calm Chesapeake Bay against the backdrop of the Naval Academy.

Hubby Bill and I looked at each other and vowed we would come back on an early Sunday morning in the future. Before we left the harbor (AKA Ego Alley), Bill grabbed a hot cup of coffee from and I got an iced tea. It was the perfect thing to do after a few photos on the dock with my "cheesy" sign: Annapolis to Anchorage in an Accord!

The car was washed (thanks to Bill) and loaded up on the gasoline for a full tank to start.

The road trip is less than 11 hours from the start!




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