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Strawberries Forever

My favorite fruit by far is the red delicious strawberry. I can never eat enough, especially when in season, like now. I buy about (4) lbs. of them at a time. They disappear quickly after I rinse and cut them up "just so" and place them in a white bowl to show off their deep hue of red. When the batch I took out of the fridge yesterday seemed so dark in color and contrasted nicely with a white bowl, I had to snap a photo of the easy-to-eat delicacy.

Plus, I shared the strawberries yesterday while I hosted our quilting bee. A win-win of summer! Sweet as sugar!



From front to back: Karen Todd, Janet McCabe, Deb Hoppe, and Cappy Phillips! And if you are wondering about that big Micky Mouse, well, let's say he keeps me company as I record my book, The Focused Fight.


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