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Standing with Ukraine

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

There is no intention for me ever to be political with my blog. However, while living in the United States, I firmly believe that we all could/should vote when the time is right within our state. That's it. Vote.

The recent crisis of Covid-19 and how it brought the world to its knees was a war of viruses. It looked like things were looking up for a minute as the world started opening up once again. Hope was on the horizon to move about the cabin, and I'm not sure everyone has caught their collective breath yet.

Today there is another crisis in the world: war in Ukraine. Every day it seems that the world gets a bit smaller. The stench of war is what scares me. On a personal level, my sisters and I have extended family located in Eastern Poland that all three of us have visited at one time or another. We know the land and its loving people. Over 400,000 Ukrainians have crossed into this NATO country (Poland has been a full member since 1999). As most of the world attests, this war thing is not good. At. All.

I have to go out on a limb and describe how helpless I feel about the whole doggone thing. I'm sure many do, and I'm praying that not one Russian boot land's on Poland's soil.

Don't you feel that the world is on edge once again?

One thing I can control is what goes on in my home. Food and grocery shopping come to mind. Bill and I shopped this morning, and I bought a medium-sized cabbage to make soup! I love soup!

Cabbage soup or anything made with cabbage is an Eastern European delicacy. It's called Kapusta in Polish and Kapusniak in Ukranian. Russia can argue that it came from their country first, but I'm not going there or giving them any credit today. Cabbage was in all Slovak nations – even going more west to England and France dating back to the 9th century when the Byzantium introduced cabbage through the Tatars.

Raise your hand if you ever trained across Czechoslovakia in the summer and looked out the window to see millions of cabbages out in the vast fields—I did— it's a preferred foodstuff for sure!

Today I stand with all Ukrainians and pray for their safety. Since I cannot help from my perch, I can cook and eat a Ukrainian favorite that bonds me with the people, at least in thought. I wish all the people who crossed borders to find solace would be met with a welcome smile, a hot bowl of cabbage soup, and a large chunk of crusted bread and butter. It's the little things...




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