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Sneaky Amaryllises

While watering the plants that sit next to my writing area, I noticed the stub of a bulb I keep watering ... sprouted. I know it wasn't there yesterday, so these things grow quite fast when they make up "their minds" to grow! They should have sprouted and bloomed at Christmastime, certainly not Eastertime.

I will take what I can get—hopefully pretty flowers like it has done in the past. Should I gush over it? Talk to it? Pretty please it so it will grow strong and bear a nice red (I think it's red) bloom?

Measuring helps me keep track of it. Today that little sprout of a bulb (leaf) is 4 1/4" tall. The one behind it has one long leaf already falling down and another sprout (leaf) coming out of the bulb which is 6" tall. I'd love it if both produced big blooms, but I am not sure they will. In the last year or two, they did the same thing and I got all excited for them to bloom, but it was all about big tall green leaves. No flowers to speak of.

You can bet that I will not give up on them. I will even give them a little more water (recommended) so they will do their thing. It would be terrific if I can update you on some beautiful flowers. Fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks.




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