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SidingScape of Flowers

When you walk around your neighborhood, do you see some things that can't be missed? Take for instance a happy neighborhood wall decorated on the outdoor siding with brightly colored hearts to create a wall bouquet of exquisite flowers.

I'm sure, Sue and Jeff, the artists in residence do the happy dance every time they or their family members exit or enter the front door. How could they not? I smile when I walk by it because the artwork is simple, but oh so compelling to draw out good vibes in the few seconds it takes to "walk on by."

At sunset, with only a few hours left of celebrating Mother's Day, I took a quick walk around my neighborhood. I stopped to chat with Sue and Jeff about the details of their colorful creation. They said they use cello paper, or a type of cellophane, that they cut into shapes and use a glue stick on the back to adhere to the siding. Easy on, easy off. It weathers the storms if you will.

Sue is dreaming up another sidingscape for this summer. I'd say she is manufacturing sunshine for her family and neighborhood to boot! Stay tuned for her future scapes!

What's in your neighborhood that brings a smile to your face?



PS Yes, a ladder is needed for securing the high flowers

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