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Shoe Box Swappers Unite on the Chesapeake!

Twelve quilt block swappers (well, only ten our here now) descended on "our" beautiful three-story house on the Hudson River/Choptank Rivers in Cambridge, Maryland. Both rivers dump into the mighty Chesapeake Bay. We loved the house sew much last year with our big group that we rented it again for this weekend this year.

Sew, what is a shoe box swap, you wonder? It's a year-long swap with 12 people teamed up in twos geographically. Two of us live in Florida, two in Arizona, and eight in Maryland. We all create our type of block (within certain size limitations) in the colors we'd like - adding fabric or focus fabric into our shoe box to go with the block created (really a gallon-size bag - easier to mail). Our bag includes the instruction sheet, sample blocks, and label. (We also have a google sheet(s) with the same info and more).

We all come from varied backgrounds, but the common denominator is our love of fabric, sewing, and quilting. Oh, and our families and friends, for sure!

Some are working on their 2022 swap blocks, and as a group, we will reveal our 2023 swap blocks to each other once we are all here this weekend.

So, I sew/we sew. My goal is to create an amazing quilt top starting tomorrow - and have fun with my cheeseball scraps bin.



Photos: 1) at the ready before loading the car 2) my view into my room and the living room area 3) Lasagna dinner with Carrie Casto, Mary Nielsen, Janet McCabe, Margy Hill and Debbi Carter! 4) view from the dock 5) Marjorie Mulla and Deb Hoppe 6) Terri, Susie Stevenson & Deb


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