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Say My Name

A tale from the epic trip!

Most of the lyrics of the Destiny Child’s song, “Say My Name,” does not correspond to this daily, but “Say My Name” sure does.

Do you make it a point/choice to say someone’s name while they wait on you (check-out clerk/waitress/waiter/anyone in a service role) wearing one of those little round plastic name tags or badges?

Like a kid, mentioning a person’s name is nice, even rewarding. A kid, like a service worker, is noticed. They are valued in our world, recognized, and hopefully, for the good of how they are helping. Complaints to a minimum, please.

While on my epic summer trip and closing in on our second National Park, we stopped for gasoline at the Rocky Mountain Supply Store in Ennis, Wyoming. This station was a good 85 miles outside of the Western Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Not only did we fill up, but we met a shining star by the name of Angela, who was working the cash register. She had an aura about her with her delightful smile, a bright light that was noticeable to me as she welcomed each person who entered the supply store. I knew I had to meet her up close and personal after a quick pee.

Sure enough, I bought something little (maybe an iced tea?) and waited in her line to check out (one other person ahead of me). When I reached the counter, I said, “Hello, Angela!” You would have thought I handed her a thousand bucks instead of the two dollars for the tea. She was all smiles, sharing her love for people, and told me so. I countered her comment by stating how I see her light - making a positive difference for each weary traveler heading into the store.

I also noticed Angela had earbuds but only had one in her ear while I was in her sphere. I supposed she was listening to music, maybe trying to combat sheer boredom. I surmised that she must get bored while ringing up gum, soda, cigarettes, and chips.

During our intense two-minute conversation while I was checking out, she talked about her job and the customers she cares about. For the few who complain about the mundane, she slides the other bud into her ear and turns up the volume.

When she is singing along with the song coming out of her earbuds only, everyone thinks she is happy and content.

As I left, I shouted back over my shoulder to her, “Angela, you are a rock star!”

I think I got more of a kick out of our conversation than she did. But that doesn’t matter. I know she is bringing light and value to hundreds of travelers coming and going to the shop!

Angela was trying to Manufacture Sunshine to each and every customer




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