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Quilts & Denim Bags!

Before the wifi here at the retreat center knocks me off, I hope to get in a post. I spent most of my afternoon converting a large pair of men's jeans into (4) different bags. I also helped a few others who wanted to learn how to make a bag or fat 1/4 bag (my favorite) using denim. And finished up two quilts I've been working on for a while (a panel quilt and my 2022 Shoebox Swap quilt called either Gold Star or Stars Sew Bright - see photos below).

The West River Retreat Center in South Anne Arundel, Maryland, sits on a beautiful property on the river where the winter months are full of quilters from several neighboring states. The summer camp season is filled with kids from all over this area enjoying the amenities and activities this place offers.

I'm thrilled to be here until Monday afternoon.

Oh, and our retreat village blocks (houses and trees) are growing!




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