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Pickleball Tourney to Tour of Sagamore Whiskey

A few weeks ago, I mentioned playing with my son Ryan in a small pickleball round-robin at our local pool and tennis courts. We had a ball and decided after that day to purchase our own rackets (we used the instructors for those matches). Besides playing in that round-robin and some practicing in the last couple of weeks, I've played exactly one other time (on a friend's driveway). We are newbies at this sport but catching on with every swing/stab/flick of our rackets. It's a smaller court than tennis, so hitting a ball long or wide is easy to do. Dinking and control would help our game for sure.

But since Ryan and I had a lot of fun a couple of weeks ago, we decided to play in another little tournament this weekend. We went 1-1 (we were guaranteed two matches). Our second match was not as good as our first, but we learned some things to work on when we get to practice eventually.

In between pickleball and a Sagamore Whisky Tour in Baltimore, Maryland, I recorded more chapters of The Focused Fight. This is not for the faint of heart; the recording, not the pickleball or whiskey tour. Ha!

The whiskey tour was something Ryan was interested in doing. He likes to learn about the process of producing whiskey or bourbon, or other spirits. There is always a science of the right combinations of barley, corn, and rye (and water and yeast) to make whiskey or bourbon, and Ryan is a student of those distillery techniques. He doesn't make anything himself; he just has an interest as thousands of others do too. Late afternoon we trekked up to the Sagamore Distillery near Curtis Bay in Baltimore, where a genteel young man named Jake took us on an hour tour of their distillery and production. We even had a tasting at the end (similar to what we had in Kentucky at Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve last summer).

If you are local and interested, the tour and tasting were a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Believe it or not, Maryland was a giant producer of whiskey dating back to the late 1700s - even through prohibition (or so the guide said due to how the Maryland laws were at that time). Who knew?

I'll drink to that...with a cold iced tea with lemon...please.




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