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PACKING for Annapolis to Anchorage!

It took me several hours today to pack for four seasons on my upcoming trip. Plus, the trick is to "pack light, or is it, pack lite?" Shoes and jackets (I love them) are my biggest nemeses. They just are because I want to take my favorites and probably have too many already packed. My hiking boots notwithstanding, they are non-negotiable.

Tomorrow is another day to take a hard look at what I've got in the bag(s). I plan to take maybe 1/2 out of the non-Alaska clothes. I think I packed (4) pairs of shorts which I may reduce to (2) pairs, and that is the start of culling what I DON'T need. I'll reread this post before I dig into the bag to remove the excess.

The photo below shows the three bags I'm taking thus far. The big canvas one has my winter/fall clothes, the turquoise one has my summer clothes, and the bag in the middle is holding my shoes/jackets. I will still have a backpack and a purse, which are small enough and can fit into the crevises of the sedan.

Part of the journey and the experience lies in anticipation of what's ahead. I love car travel and am looking forward to my two trips in one!

I'm hoping that gasoline goes down a bit more, there are smooth roads with no orange barrels, sunny skies or big blue skies, and big fun that brings awe to me and my passenger(s) no matter what we are doing or seeing across the land in the USA or Canada.

My goal is to blog about this epic 10,000-mile journey and will post right here when I have WIFI/internet. There may be a few days in the upcoming weeks when we may be in remote locations with little or no service, but you can bet I'll still be writing when I can.



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