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Online Practice with Brainstorm Road

Is there a novel in your head? Do you want to launch a podcast or website? Or maybe start a blog or newsletter - I may have something you may be interested in joining this spring: It is an offshoot of the Writing in Community and other Akimbo Workshops, a brainchild of Kristin Hatcher and Margo Aaron. How about writing letters to your children and grandchildren for future reference on your life and thoughts? Think legacy...

The Akimbo workshops through Seth Godin will end this spring with all "classes" except for the AltMBA . Hubby Bill has taken many of the Akimbo/Seth Godin's workshops/sessions through the last ten years, culminating with Writing in Community (WIC) which we both started (and are still in) that began in June 2020. We are in our 4th session. I was thankful to have a community behind me writing daily to catapult the publishing of The Focused Fight in March of 2021, with Bill privately publishing two books that are amazing!

Right now, I am currently enrolled in The Marketing Seminar (TMS14), which is fast and furious with the lessons, but I am LEARNING a ton about marketing. I also completed a Story Skills Workshop last year with Bernadette Jiwa, who is an awesome coach of the written word.

Writing can be daunting for many people, But what Bill and I have found through our daily writing practice with others makes it so much easier. Hey, you don't have to take it from me/us (though it all has been life-changing for us). There are excellent global testimonials if you click the links above from people who want to make a difference or level up on their jobs and personal lives.

My friend, Susan Fritz, who I met in WIC says this: "Building a habit you actually want to do is easier and more fruitful in community. Practicing in community is also an ego boost. Suddenly, one finds herself producing work rather than thinking about producing work; creativity becomes a part of daily life."

Those that may want to dip a toe into the water may consider Brainstorm Road launching this Spring. If you click the link above - it's to sign up for more information coming soon. Maybe I will see some familiar faces - wouldn't that be fantastic?

Invest in yourself. Invest in the future.




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