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November: Month of Thanks and Giving

Practicing gratitude can take place all year long, not just this great month of November with its memorable holiday on the fourth Thursday this month, or in December with gift giving of Chanukah and Christmas. Some gifts can be sincere handwritten cards and notes that can change the recipient to one of happiness and that they were thought of during a busy time of the year.

When I wrote The Focused Fight, I couldn't believe how much a card or note felt to us sent by a cadre of caring people to brighten our chaotic life—for years! Beautifully crafted words were my lifeline to hopeful times ahead, plus knowing I/we were loved and thought of more than we knew.

When my friend Joyce W. stopped by today to drop off a couple of quilts for me to Long Arm, we ended up talking about Thank you cards. She then mentioned she watched a recent Today Show segment where a woman named Gina Hamadey wrote a book about this very subject: I Want to Thank You: How a Year of Gratitude Can Bring Joy and Meaning in a Disconnected World

If you have about (7) minutes to watch the Today Show segment, Gina talks about how she wrote, pre-pandemic, 365 Thank you cards, and in December, wrote her husband a Thank you card each day. She wrote them without any expectation in return. Please tune in to find out how impactful her sentiments were to the many people in her life!

Hubby Bill loves to share the positive with various experiences he uncovers and discovers with others. He does this regularly by adopting the habit of writing and sending cards that I know folks appreciate upon receipt. It's the little things...



And guess who is 10 months old today? Olivia and Bo's Disco Dog! I'm thankful that his beautiful, playful, full of spunk and exuberance pup has enchanted our entire family!



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