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Moments are precious, as we all know. Moments add up, too—present moments, fleeting moments, tender moments, and present moments. A momentagedden, if you will.

So while watching World Cup action, I decided to take some stolen moments to clean up baskets full of bits and pieces of writings from the backside of lots of envelopes, old cards, receipts, hotel credit card "keys, and more. Then I came across a couple of papers with no dates on them and thought they were from the 2000s that I've been "safe keeping" for far too long.

Trash or treasure? Who knows? I kept a few momentos for posterity (I know they will get thrown out at some point!).

But then I came across something I wrote called: Present Moment:

A brief encounter with palpable kindness and reassuring calm can be filled with utter presence for a moment or a lifetime. Can a fleeting moment leave such a lasting trace as to sharpen our life's trajectory? I believe it does.

Being fully present with our people, our tribe, or as individuals can leave a lasting impact, not just in the moment. And when good moments can linger, the experience of that feeling is the nugget and magical power of presence. I like that it can stay with us for a while.

Countdown to The Christmas Quilt raffle is less than three days away. I am requesting all donations be into me by noon on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Venmo: @Terri-Tomoff

All proceeds will go to the JustTryanIt Foundation which financially assists cancer kids and their families.

Once everything is set to go, I will spin the wheel with all the names and number of chances based on the donations received. The process of spinning the wheel will be recorded, and I'll post it here on my blog on the evening of the 7th. Good Luck!

Example: Shana and the Wheel from Thanksgiving 2022


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