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Micro-Moments in Kindness (Thanks, Bill)

The concept of micro-moments is that repeated brief moments of positive feelings can provide a buffer against stress and depression and improve both physical and mental health. Hey, we could all use a buffer about now on what's in the news and the holidays that are fast approaching. Micro-moments could also be considered touchpoints to learn something, do something, or discover something. Hubby Bill is all about micro-moments, as in Adam Grant's Five Minute Favors in his book Give & Take. As Grant, author and professor at Wharton University, says: “A five-minute favor is just a small way to add large value to other people’s lives.” A micro-moment is a very close second.

This morning, I had a micro-moment with the recycle guys of waste management. I had just parked my car filled with groceries when I noticed the recycling truck down the street headed in my direction. I knew I needed to get inside the house quickly because I wanted to get rid of a stack of boxes by the front door before they pulled up to the house. I ran in, grabbed my scissors, broke them down, and got back down the driveway as the truck approached our house.

I waved to the driver, who waved back with a big smile. The guy behind the truck lifted our big yellow recycling trash can and dumped it in. I then thanked him, too. As the truck slowly pulled away, I put my hands together and bowed to thank the entire crew for their service, along with one more wave. Well, that guy who dumped the trash can decided to run the can up the driveway to the garage door. He didn't have to do that, but he did, with a big-hearted smile like the driver. He then wished me a Happy Thanksgiving, and I did the same to him.

After I retrieved my groceries, I looked up and down the street. Not one other yellow recycling can (they are quite large) was up near the garage doors. Perhaps that hard-working crew realized that I saw them. With a simple thank you, I also showed appreciation for what they do each week and let them know. The whole scenario lasted less than a minute, but I believe the crew and I all walked a little lighter today with those brief moments of kindness from all of us.

I'd say we all manufactured a little sunshine for each other today.



Photo credit: Unsplash - Jack Blueberry

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