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Manufacturing Sunshine Reaches its 500th Post!

Two years ago, when I finished with 3002 posts, I was ecstatic, yet humbled, about that body of "work." Getting that many posts in the books was no easy feat, but the daily or almost daily drip got me to that number. But ahh, it was so much more. I learned a large body of work allows showcasing a diverse range of topics, styles, and perspectives. I cringe when I read old posts since I think my writing has drastically improved from those early years. I'm thankful for those early years because they allowed me to find my voice, writing chops, and chutzpah to write a book!

Over those ten years, I fell in love with creative writing and the documentation process in just about anything. Sure, I wrote a ton of reports when I was a Probation/Parole Officer for the State of Ohio in the 1980s and 1990s, but it was nowhere near the writing that I have been doing over the past 13 years. That's a good thing!

Three years ago, when I hired out to have a website created to include several entities I'm involved in, housing everything under my name, the hosting site included blogging capabilities. Since QuiltsFromTheHeart ran for a decade, I was ready for a fresh change and loved the idea of Manufacturing Sunshine (MS) for the new title. The title is named after a quilt I created using the brightest hues and color values in fabrics that I had in my stash (including hand-dyed fabrics). I cranked hundreds of half-square triangles through my domestic machine (table-top) while Ryan faced surgeries and recoveries from his two bouts of tongue cancer. My moods lightened with all the pretty fabrics; in essence, I was manufacturing my own sunshine to cope with depressing thoughts.

My observational musings and the many subjects I explore, write about and ask questions about have attracted a wider audience as different readers have varied interests.

Reflecting on the last 500 posts under MS, I am super thankful for my loyal readership and community. I've been stretched beyond my wildest dreams and grateful for the ability to adapt to different subjects and engage with various aspects of different niches that I may tap into.

Several months ago, in one of the writing communities, I started unpacking some travel stories I'd love to share in this space in the new year. We shall see what develops in 2024.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! By reading along with me, we got to this 500th post together! I am forever grateful.




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