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Magical Night in Maui - TurtleTown at Sundown

Almost everyone could say they are or feel like they are living in a moving picture - or a documentary, per se. Wouldn’t it be something to record all our living days - the good, bad, and ugly? If on Instagram/TikTok, it sometimes feels like it, right?

It wasn’t possible for thousands of years, but anything is possible nowadays with the advent of the miracle smartphone with cameras and video capabilities. One day, we may see a baby’s birth - and a running video of every day, 24/7/365, of a child’s life until a certain age, maybe like 18—a living documentary.

But my living documentary is our last night on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. It stars the green sea turtles and maybe a few Leatherbacks, slowly coming up to the beach after a long day of foraging the sea for good eats. Since the sun was setting, it seemed the turtles were in synch with it while finding a good spot on the cool(er) cream-colored sandy beach with all their friends doing the same thing.

I felt like I was watching a movie, albeit in slow-mo, or a David Attenborough documentary about sea turtles and waiting for David, an award-winning documentarian and biologist, to start talking in his cockney British accent.

Upon our arrival, one giant boy turtle (I’m assuming it was a boy) had his place in the sand. In minutes, another one joined him on the beach, a few paces down from him. As the sun incrementally set, more and more turtles made their way to their beds for the night. And the other cool thing, besides the three of us on the quiet beach to see this miracle, only one other family was there to take in turtle town at sundown.


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