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I am thrilled to announce that I have recently been interviewed by David Reynolds for his podcast Episode 40, my podcast with David, dropped last night (David is a workhorse in the editing and sharing the content quickly).

David leads me down the 40 or so minute podcast with poignant and powerful questions. One or two stumped me because David is a great interviewer!

Here is the episode summary:

"Terri Tomoff is an author, soccer ref, car enthusiast, quilter, wife, and mom. In this episode Terri shares enlightening and informative commentary based on her book, The Focused Fight – A Childhood Cancer Journey: From Mayhem to Miracles (link in Show Notes). Terri and her husband Bill, along with daughter Olivia, have been on an incredible journey with Ryan, the youngest in the family (now in his late twenties), spanning a lifetime, from Ryan’s initial cancer diagnosis at the age of two, to today. The years in between have produced an extraordinary story of grit, resilience, hope, and determination, and brimming with wisdom that each of us can apply to our own situations and challenges. The second quotation in Terri’s book captures the essence of Terri’s story, Ryan’s story, the Team Tomoff story. “Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.” Listen. Then read, because you will want to know more."

Please consider listening in for approximately 40 minutes:

A huge shout of Thanks to host David Reynolds, my family and friends, and all listeners. May you find hope and inspiration bottled a little differently. There was no straight line – think: roller coaster!

The podcast will also go into the archival media page for future reference.



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