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Joyous Quilt Saved!

Do you ever have any of the social media sites or something like One Drive - Memories from this Day send photos from the day the photo was taken through the years that are sent to your email inboxes? I open them up every once in a while, but today, for some reason, I opened it to see some of the photos I took on this date in the last decade or two.

I am glad I did because I was overcome with tremendous joy! This quilt below has special meaning to me and its recipients, Jodie and Scot Smith, who live on Kelleys Island, Ohio. I created the quilt in 2012 and bequeathed it to them in 2013 - 10 years ago this month, as a gift of love and gratitude for the support they gave to our family when going through childhood cancer and beyond. It was the best gift I could give them to show our collective family appreciation.

I know they love and cherish it, too, but it almost didn't make it when they lost their home and almost all its contents on April 1, 2021. Scot, a volunteer firefighter on the island, also had his equipment in an outbuilding garage. He donned his protection gear and ran in (SCARY, right?) to grab a few key items like his computer/iPad and two quilts that I had made. That is about it because the house was burning so fast and furious that he didn't have a moment to waste before the whole thing burned to the ground. It's a miracle that this quilt and a T-shirt quilt of Jodie's running road races were saved.

Perhaps this quilt (and the T-shirt quilt) has magical Christmas miracles built into it (hey, I stitched them in, haha), so it survived the fire to live on and be a beacon of hope and joy for all to see. At least, that is what I'm thinking today.

The label on the back of the quilt says this: "To Jodie and Scot Smith - Christmas 2013 - This quilt was made in gratitude for all the love and support you two bestow on so many of your loved ones. May you two snuggle under this quilt for many Christmases to come! With love and gratitude, Terri Tomoff, Crofton, Maryland.

Do you Believe in Miracles?

I do.



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