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It's Snowing Cherry Blossom Petals!

Besides the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms on the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC, the Crofton (Maryland) Parkway is not too shabby, with its hundred or so Cherry Blossom Trees going around almost 3.5 miles.

It seems they are at their peak and gorgeous! Today while Hubby Bill and I scooted our daily four-miler, a little wind kicked up a "storm" of blossom petals. The light pink petals swirled, tilted, and danced around us until they finally reached their destination on the streets and sidewalks. They are so soft, like gossamer wings, that no shoveling is required. Stronger winds will take them elsewhere and compost in the tree's life cycle.

Even if the temperatures are not compatible with Spring just yet, we all know that hope springs eternal. It's coming - those long sunny days and warmth without wearing three to five layers, the top one a wool sweater.

Spring Haiku

Petals softly fall

Snowflake-like in pink and white

Blanketing the Earth



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