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It's Just Tea

Polish customs can be surprising. Take, for example, late this afternoon when my cousin Renata announced that we were going to a relative’s house for tea (herbata). We happened to be working side by side on genealogy when she received a call from her nephew’s wife inviting us for tea.

In the USA, going for coffee or tea is just that. Imagine my surprise when we were not only going for tea, but Justyna was outside the house to pick us up and drive us to her house…for “tea.” Quickly I got my coat and shoved my tired feet into my boots to run out the door with Renata.

Sitting in the car was Justyna’s son, Oleg, who she just picked up from soccer practice, and her mother-in-law, Anna (Renata’s sister). A couple of miles later, we were pulling into the driveway to a beautiful Polish home - all done with modern decorating and exquisite.

The saying here, “It’s just tea,” is not just that, but a full-blown spread. I ate a bit too much, but everything was so delicious.

Live and Learn! No one can pull off “It’s just tea” any longer (Renata!). I now know what that really means in Poland!




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