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In Case You Missed It (Podcast with Russ Hedge)

The beauty of the world we live in (digital and beyond), anything recorded and saved can be shared after the original has been aired. Thank goodness for all those "old-time" TV shows that started that whole ball rolling. Not everyone can watch/listen to something when it first drops.

The same thing happened today when Marketer/Author Russ Hedge interviewed me on his LinkedIn Live Show about The Focused Fight and how important community is when dealing with any life-challenging moments (or days, weeks, and years, ahem ). I know with people's schedules, tuning in at a certain time is not feasible.

I am thrilled to share our less than 20-minute chat right after it aired. You can listen/watch at your leisure or not. It's all good. If you do tune in, I come in around the 8-minute mark in the recording.

If you are interested in knowing a bit more about Russ, click here:



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