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Horseshoe Lake on Kelleys Island

It’s interesting when you’ve been going to the same place for nearly 40 years and never been to something quite large - like a quarry that now is called Horseshoe Lake. It is beautiful! I was shocked that I had been all over the island, except for this fantastic natural forest almost near the middle of the island.

The entire hike on tall grass, with plenty of bugs flitting around our bodies and muddy areas to boot, was filled with birdsong and swarms of midges. If I was worried about anything - it was a pesky tick stuck to the back of my leg or other body part.

One of the best surprises was the yellow daisies scattered around the shale and large granite rocks compressed by the glaciers from 2 million years ago. We’ve heard that these are native to Kelleys Island and a wonderful asset to the island.




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