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Going LIVE on Zoom at 8:00 PM ET!

Four authors reading for (5) minutes each with the entire program roughly 30 minutes total. Won't you consider supporting me and my fellow colleagues for a peek behind the curtain?

If you join us, you may be surprised at the richness of each voice heard and their terrific stories in several genres. I feel honored to be a part of a new platform of Authors On Mic in the writing community I am currently writing in, Purple Space. It's a worldwide cohort of folks living, breathing, doing, and writing about a plethora of topics. Business, AI, Creatives, Artists, Education, Writiers, Poets, and way more interesting ideas that are slowly spreading in their lives and communities, there is a home for just about anyone who wants to show up and level up.

Link in pink below:

Thank YOU, Thank you, THANK you!



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