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Frozen Feet 5K

Shorty post. Too pooped to think following an ambitious morning of running the first 5K of the season for us - the Frozen Feet Inaugural run benefiting The Just Tryan It Foundation (the same foundation I raised money for in December when I raffled off two Christmas quilts). Though our pace was relatively slow in covering the three-point one miles, I ran it with my peeps, Hubby Bill and The Best Daughter, Olivia. It was cold, about 23 degrees F at the start, but I quickly warmed up and even removed my gloves before the first-mile marker.

To keep warm, I wore my “Amish” tights (heavy-duty fleeced line tights I buy in Lancaster, PA, where the Amish women buy their undergarments), plus a few extra layers, including a turtleneck and a beat-up and holey cashmere sweater, and a lightweight down jacket. Plus a wool hat and gloves. If I ran any harder, that get-up kit would have been slimmed - no down jacket.

The best thing about the inaugural race for 75 Bravehearts runners held on the massive and beautifully manicured Episcopal School campus in Alexandria, VA, was the run on the school’s cross-country course. Both Bill and I ran CC in high school and college, and it’s a rare occasion when a race we enter is run in this fashion. We typically run road races (very few nowadays), but we three had a ball running on today’s course!

Now excuse me as I need to rest my eyes on the sofa following the pushing of the blue Publish button. Oh, and that HOT Shower take once home we got home...heaven!

Happy Saturday!




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