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Fashion & Fun Cars

Over the past several months I've been working on my sophomore book about fun car stories. The working title has been either Car Stories (boring!) or Beep Beep! (fun, but juvenile?). Something (title) will roll down the highway toward me and be the right one, I'm sure of it. The following is one little story that could end up in the anthology book about cars and the people who drove/drive them!

My M-I-L would have been 101 years old this week. Even in her advanced years, she was a sharp dresser and loved hats of every color, stripe, or configuration. DART (Dorothy Agnes Ryan Tomoff), as she was affectionately called, would have given the Queen of England, and any of her subjects, a run for their hat money!

One of my six S-I-L’s has a treasure trove of family photos that she uses to shout out on birthdays or special occasions with a thread of about 30 family members. It's always a great surprise what pic she digs up to showcase on someone's special day.

This week was no different with the below photos. Both DART and my F-I-L, Alex, who died before I met Hubby Bill, are standing on the driver's side of their 1959 white Ford Thunderbird with a red interior (purchased pre-owned). Their other vehicle to shuttle their nine kids around town and back was a VW Bus!

I take it some cars, like a long-tailed T-Bird from the 1950s, need deference of dressing up, almost in Sunday best, to slide into a new or well-worn leather bucket seat for a Sunday afternoon or date night drive. That is exactly what these photos evoke for me.

What about the cars of your life?



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