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Everything is Going Up...Except

Has the travel bug hit you this year yet? Are you planning a trip to somewhere fun, exotic, interesting, or far-flung? If so, I'm here to report that TSA Pre is on sale! Yep, it has gone down this year from $85 for five years of breezing through airport security with your shoes, belt, and light jacket on to $78 for the same time frame—no need to remove your computer from your backpack, either.

If you are wondering why that is, I am too. I think it is due to a considerable volume of interest in Global Entry (GE), which I tried to get in 2020. Should I say more? Oh sure, I filled out the applicable application and waited patiently to be notified of everything being status quo and an appointment to verify who I am, etc. After several months, I quit checking the Dashboard for that vital information.

Lo and behold, I never got a notification that my application was accepted (I sent an email yesterday about this very fact). Supposedly, I missed the deadline by one month and now have to reapply for GE, should I still want it (I do!). The wait times are 4-6 months, with some waiting up to 18 months for clearance. Hubby Bill applied at the end of 2019, and everything went smoothly. Another friend got her GE last spring, and the same thing happened; everything went smoothly. I'm taking it that January is not the month to apply (it was late January in 2020 too).

Instead, I'm okay with TSA Pre for now. And let's face it, I mean I should face it, that It's not going to hurt me to wait through any customs, in any country, in the future. Perhaps there is that outside chance, er, opportunity, to meet a new friend! That's a win and a good amount of Manufacturing Sunshine.




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