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Despite Headlines, Beauty All Around Us!

Last summer, Bill and I attended a wedding in Red Bank, NJ. It was lovely and the guests were delightful. We were seated at a table with interesting people, including a former director of various news channels from Manhattan. I could not hear much of this interesting man’s conversation with hubby, Bill, but he did tell him, “don’t watch the news.”

With what we’ve got going on in our world today, it’s sage advice. I think I’m going to be a “skimmer.” I’ll read the headlines to keep somewhat informed but won’t do the deep dive unless the headline is about something positive (they are out there!).

In effect, I’ll be manufacturing sunshine and hanging on to a positive attitude to do only the things that I can impact in my little neck of the woods.

It’s a must for me and, frankly, maybe all we can do.

There is beauty all around us, like going to lunch with kindred spirits I've known and been in the trenches of childhood cancer with for over 25 years - Marilyn Eichner and Patty Lubin! That is my soul-searching focus!



And look at the table closely - chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

Our lunch place in Bethesda, MD, The Summer House has a countown to my favorite season of all!

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