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Day 6 - Berthoud, Colorado

One thing I like about Colorado is all the wildflowers. Most will be blooming later this month, but a few are waving loud and proud in the summer breeze. I painstakingly examine the fields, side of the roads, and people’s yards for any colorful bloom. Flowers make me happy, and resting a bit does too.

A quick jaunt to the Berthoud Farmer’s Market this morning, along with four walks with pooches Gunner and Breccan, gave way to some trip planning late in the afternoon. At this point, our outbound trip is mainly planned. Linda and I, on purpose, built in a few free days with no plans, including lodging. We will wing those days and could always resort to dispersed camping if there is no room in the inn (or campsite).

Tent camping is typically ubiquitous in the big state of Alaska and should pose no problem for us to find somewhere to rest our precious heads.

For tomorrow, Linda insisted we hoist the tent up in the backyard to ensure we have all the parts before strapping in for the long haul. We could always buy another one along the way, but we have a budget, you know, with most of our budget going to pay for gasoline.

Right now, I feel wildly blessed that the Alaskan trip is on the horizon. I am giddy that the first trip with my guys is still going strong, along with the Misenciks at their home who have joined our party.

Linda, Bill, Ryan, and I also did a little shopping at Scheels in Johnstown, CO. It is like the IKEA of sporting goods but so much more. The place has a full-size Ferris wheel in the middle of the store! and lots of taxidermied animals hanging on the walls or in vignettes on the second floor. Bill got a photo of Linda and me posing/holding hands with a grizzly bear. We hope this is the closest we will get to one! Plus I saw things for sale that I had never seen anywhere else but only bought a couple of things, including a pair of smile slippers. They were too cute to pass up, even though there was a lot of temptation to buy other “shiny” objects. I, frankly, don’t need a thing.

Deepening already made friendships lasting 40 or more years is what makes my spirit soar. I am thankful that we can forge lasting memories here in Colorado, with the majestic Rocky Mountains in the backdrop and even a competitive game of Yahtzee.




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