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Day 5 - Berthoud, Colorado

A little R&R can't hurt and, frankly, is great for the soul. That’s how my guys and I are feeling by hanging out with our friends, Mark and Linda Misencik, in Berthoud, CO, after driving close to 1800 miles to get here.

What we've learned and come to know is that good friends, good food, good wine, and their good boy dogs, Gunner and Breccan (GSPs), coupled with lots of laughter and games of Yahtzee, energize us all. All this fun is a part of my two trips in one! And that’s not counting shopping in my favorite Berthoud thrift store called Restore, within walking distance of their home (really, the whole town.

A tiny portion of the day was spent going over Linda’s camping equipment (this year, taking her tent with the poles, ahem!), a cooler we decided we would take, and her cool-weather clothing and gear. A more significant part of our day consisted of planning where we would go in The Last Frontier. We even built in two buffer days depending on what we will do and where we will go. I feel we are in a good place, travel-wise, before starting our trek on 7/5.

But before we embark on that first mile, there is plenty of fun scheduled with the five of us for the July holiday weekend, including a 5K “race” in Fort Collins right on July 4th. Shopping for a few more supplies for our trip is also in the near future.

I’m thankful that both trips have simultaneously come together - the first one still in process and the second one in last-minute planning stages.




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