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Day 3 Drive - Baseball - Drive

We were thankful for a little reprieve from the pounding miles over the past couple of days. Today we broke up the hours on the road by driving West from St. Louis for a few hours, then going to another MLB game: a Kansas City Royal vs. Texas Rangers day game, and finishing the day with three more hours on the road. It was the first time for all of us at Kauffman stadium, which is eight miles from KC's city center and next door to the Kansas City Chiefs Stadium. I will say there is plenty of parking for both venues, and from one super fan we met in the stands, Jill, the baseball stadium was updated and is quite lovely.

Again, I have to hand it to son Ryan to secure tickets on the first base side and the big one, seats in the shade since the temperature was 91 degrees at the start. A nice summer breeze kept the fans cooler, but not for many sitting in the hot seats. We three must be a lucky charm for the home teams because the Royals beat the Rangers 2-1, like last night's game with the Cards winning the game over the Marlins. We are two for two.

After the game, we planned to stay in downtown KC. A minor snafu about the location of the hotel I originally booked was not going to work for us, and I didn't feel comfortable there. With out-of-state plates, we decided to keep driving West for a few hours.

As I write this, we are tucked in for the night off I-70. We will reach our destination tomorrow for this part of the trip to Berthoud, Colorado, the home of our friends, Linda and Mark Misencik.

Good night!




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