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Day 22 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with TwinzTalk Guys, Bill & Don Tomoff

What happens to the primary breadwinner’s employment when a cancer diagnosis or other life-changing circumstances hits a family? I can say from experience it’s a considerable threat to keep going at a certain pace employers seek in the daily grind.

People need their jobs to keep their health benefits for their loved ones to stay in treatment for whatever ails them.

But, there are ways for others to be helpful on the professional side. Twins Bill and Don Tomoff share a couple of gold nuggets on a delicate topic of work on what and how things can be done when life gets extremely challenging on the personal front, which most definitely seeps into the professional front. It’s not pretty but can be dealt with to get through a rough patch.

People need people, people! And...Manufacturing Sunshine on the J-O-B.




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