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Day 19 - Vancouver, BC to Seattle, WA to Mt. Rainier

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Adjusted Adventure in an Accord

Day 19 - Vancouver to Seattle to Mt. Rainier

Black Bunnies, not Black Bears

So the bears, moose, whales, and sea lions are officially on vacation, but not the black bunnies. Oh yes, true, grizzly bears are also on vacation from Linda and me.

Though we have been on the hunt to find a glimpse of the Western Canada/US Big Five, they have been elusive our entire trip so far.

While on a couple of walks on the ocean near our Vancouver Hostel in Jericho Beach, we literally ran into many black bunnies scooting in and out of the trees and grassy knolls doing their thing. They are quite cute, though we’ve never seen anything like them. We learned today that they are unique to Jericho Beach for the past 15 years when someone dropped off their unwanted pet rabbits. They maintain a population of 75-80 due to the coyotes and owls keeping them in check. A self-made ecosystem with the bunny invasion, if you will.

Once we had enough of the bunny watch we packed up the car and headed back to the states. The supposed two-hour trip took closer to four hours at the border crossing because traffic was a bear! It was like Chicago, Washington DC and Dallas traffic combined! I’m not kidding. Linda, driving her shift, said, “We got into the wrong lane.” She was right. Our lane moved at a snail’s pace. Extra slow compared to the other five.

Once we got up to the border patrol, our officer was a Chatty Cathy. We looked at each other after we had a longish conversation with him and blurted out at the same time, “he’s talking to everyone in his lane, that’s why it is so darn slow.”

We even know he traveled to Maryland a few weeks ago on business, mostly in the Harper’s Ferry!

Once through the border crossing, it was almost smooth sailing to downtown Seattle. Since Linda has never been, are only stop was the Pikes Place Market. She was impressed with the “fish guys,” and was a sport in me getting a photo of her in front of Starbucks (she is a tea drinker like me).

I’m thankful that Linda, taking over the reins for the last leg of today’s journey, allowed me to write this recap on my phone. We know from mountain experiences, that we will have zero reception for any cell service. I hope I’m wrong, but I am not banking on it.

As I finish up this post for the day, we are about 15 minutes from our campsite and sitting in a small grocery parking lot so I could finish this post before my 5G/LTE goes kaput. As we inch closer to this amazing mountain, it looks fake, like someone sprinkled powdered sugar all over it much to the delight of millions who look up and can see it for miles and miles.

Please forgive me if there are spelling errors or other errors. I rarely write from my phone. I think much better while typing on my computer.



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