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Day 19 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Annette Mason!

Day 19 of CCAM! (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month). It’s been a great month learning new skills about video at home, on zoom, and on location. It's all done to share the 1 to 3 minutes of #gold nuggets so many have offered thus far!

I’m thrilled to have my WIC (Writing in Community) friend, Annette Mason, on today’s post/video.

Annette shares the gold on how people can get involved in helping the research piece of cancer by simply running, biking, or doing a triathlon - all through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team-n-Training (TNT - my initials, by the way).

Not only did Annette come to be involved quite heavily in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but she also taught her two young impressionable boys the power of community and giving back to a worthy cause to help others they may never meet.

When I first “met” Annette on Zoom during WIC1, somehow, we got on the topic of LLS-TNT. I was gobsmacked by how committed Annette was to raising much-needed funds for research to help a kid like mine who was suffering from three bouts of Leukemia at the same time she was training and traveling the world in support of him and thousands like him. I can't thank her enough - the research dollars add up to help so many in the battle with new therapies and discoveries still happening in labs across the globe.

And frankly, she and her boys were manufacturing sunshine for thousands of people worldwide!

It was an ah-ha moment for us, and we bonded in that instant!



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