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Day 12 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

As I wrote The Focused Fight, especially when I joined the first WIC in mid-2020, the big question while writing our words was, “Who is it for?” I had to dig deep and came up with all kinds of answers that are pretty obvious: my family, other kids and families going through cancer, and maybe everyone since practically everyone knows someone going through cancer or another challenging illness.

Then I had an epiphany. I leaned in hard to Who Is it For? I finally figured out that I wrote the book for "One-Person/One Family at a time. Not a large swath of people. Nope, the book is for that one person or family that finds it in their time of need or is given a copy or recommended.

Lately, that One Person/One Family has reached out to me several times. Surprisingly, it’s my college roommate’s Dad (he also surprised me 40 years ago with a Mickey Mouse Mirror I still have - Thank You)! He and his wife read my current blog, watch my one-minute videos, and engage with me, which makes my soul sour! It’s one of the most beautiful things that has surfaced over the past several months. He also sends me tidbits and articles, which I cherish more than you know.

Recently, I received a video montage from him. It had a powerful message I must share:

Illness isolates; healing restores. Who has not felt their spirit lifted during a time of illness by the presence of a friend or relative? A friendly hello, word, or touch (if in person) can be all the difference to changing our attitude from sadness and despair to hope and happiness.

We are all called to be healers for one another.

PS: Shameless Ad for tomorrow, 9/13/22: I will be on a LinkedIn live show: Showing UP, Perspectives on Cancer, from 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET. The host is Tim Sohn, who has already taped one video with me for CCAM, and his co-host Erica Campbell with the same scenario. Here is the link if you are interested to see the LinkedIn Live session (it will be taped and can be viewed later) :



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