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Chasing Winter with a Colorful Quilt!

All the chatbots in the world would be unable to create a sunshine quilt like the one below (or at least I don't think it could). Yep, we are deep into winter now, and even though we have not had that many extremely cold days, except at Christmastime in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic (and I believe other parts of the country as well), it's been relatively mild compared to winters past.

Sunshine is a big favorite. It helps moods, gives meaning to a dark winter day, and it feels good on our faces should we dip outside for some exercise or even drive back and forth to work. But I work from home (except for soccer games). To bring in sunshine-y things, I look no further than my quilts - many of them are made of bright and happy fabrics. I have the perfect location to hang them to brighten up our living room/dining room. It's also my makeshift studio for any videos I record.

After I took down my Wonky Trees Christmas Quilts, I dug through the "archives" of upbeat and joyful quilts. The perfect one to hang for the rest of winter is my Sewfari Bee quilt that started in 2014 at our February quilt guild retreat. Another group was already swapping various blocks in this "Friendship Quilt," sew, several of us set up a temporary bee - Sewfari - so we could participate in the fun too. I finished the quilt in 2019 (yes, it takes some time - but other projects jumped ahead and.., while on a bee retreat a year later, I made an extra 248 blocks of something below - needing only, say, 84). Oops!

Lots of fun bright colors and the tri-recs in the black stars give this quilt a lot of movement. It's one of my favorites! It's also a great background on Zoom calls of late because It perks everyone up, including me (I can see it out of the corner of my eye while sitting in the hot seat of creativity).



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